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Evaluation of ICM in the study region (Ireland).

Workshop 2 was held in the National Library Aberystwth in Wales on the 2nd & 3rd April. The workshop examined coastal issues within the Southern Irish Sea (INTERREG IIIA) region that were prioritised at the first CoCoNet workshop.

The interactive workshop incorporated:

  • Informative Presentations
  • Participatory Sessions
  • Several Fieldtrip

Please click on the link below to view the PDF report from Workshop 2

Workshop 2 - Report

Information Centre Ynyslas Reserve

Presentations given at Workshop 2


Local Agenda 21 in Ireland (PDF 611KB)
Ger Mullally - CPPU, University College Cork

Cross Wales Funding Mechanisms (PDF 639KB)
Kirsty Dernie - CCW

Overview of EU Funding Streams (PDF 754KB)
Rhian Llewelyn - WEFO

Freshwater East Coastcare Group (PDF 155KB)
Steve Canon - Freshwater East Coastcare Group

Coastal Partnership in the UK (PDF 149KB)
Steve Fletcher - Southampton Institute

Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum (PDF 6.08MB)
Steve Morris - Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum

Funding Opportunities in the LEADER Programme (1.41MB)
Bill Walsh - Wexford Organisation for Rural Development





Fieldtrip to Beach in Borth



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